Cloud Raxak Delivers Security Compliance to REDTone flexiCloud Customers

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Cloud Raxak Delivers Automated Security Compliance
to REDTone flexiCloud Customers


Cloud Raxak signed a strategic partnership with REDtone International Bhd, a integrated telecommunications service provider based in Malaysia, to deliver Raxak Protect security compliance services to REDtone flexiCloud enterprise customers. REDtone recently announced their flexiCloud platform and services in collaboration with Huawei Technologies, which includes flexiSaaS, flexiPaaS, flexiCompute, flexiDR (disaster recovery), and flexiBackup. Raxak Protect is a unique, simple, automated, and cost-effective way to ensure the compliance of cloud assets against international security best practices.

Simplifying and Automating Cloud Security Compliance

Cloud Raxak simplifies and automates the delivery of cloud security compliance across traditional IT, private clouds and public clouds. Raxak Protect™ is an agent-less security platform that delivers full life-cycle compliance for Windows and Linux workloads including OpenStack and Containers. Raxak Protect meets the requirements of all regulated industries including financial services, healthcare, retail,government, and telecommunications. Starting with provisioning and continuing through the application lifecycle, Raxak Protect enables cloud apps to be deployed securely, quickly, cost-effectively and without human error. Raxak Protect will be available as a SaaS service for flexiCloud clients starting in April 2016.

“Cloud Raxak is pleased to form a strategic partnership with REDTone. Working together, we will bring to REDTone’s cloud customers, a unique simple and automated way to ensure the compliance of their compute environment against internationally recognized security best practices. We look forward to working with REDTone in making this a productive relationship for our customers and for both our organizations.”

Prasanna Mulgaonkar, CEO, Cloud Raxak

REDtone FlexiCloud- Largest B2B Cloud Platform in Malaysia

REDtone flexiCloud offers comprehensive, scalable, flexible and cost-effective solutions that help businesses align their IT infrastructure with the overall business strategy. Whether it is managing enterprise applications and computing or securing networks, there is a flexiCloud solution to match your enterprise business needs. In addition to flexiCloud, REDtone offers data service centers, healthcare solutions, and Internet of Things (IoT) solutions.

For additional information, visit the REDtone and Cloud Raxak Partner page.


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