Raxak Protect™ Automates Cloud Security Accelerating App Deployment, Reducing Costs, and Simplifying Auditing

Cloud Raxak, a leader in cloud security compliance (CSC), today announced Raxak Protect™, a SaaS-based security offering that empowers IT and application development teams to automate security and ensure compliance across their private and public clouds. Starting with provisioning and continuing through the application lifecycle, Raxak Protect enables cloud apps to be deployed securely, quickly, cost-effectively and without human error.

Given security compliance is up to 40% of the cost of managing virtual applications in the cloud, automating these processes with Raxak Protect makes compliance as easy as spinning up a server in the cloud. Through intelligent automation, Raxak Protect accelerates deployment, reduces costs, and simplifies auditing, by integrating security compliance directly into the cloud app development, test, and operational processes. Raxak Protect features and benefits include:

  • Secure, Fast, Efficient Deployment: SaaS-based, Raxak Protect enables cloud apps to be deployed securely, quickly, cost-effectively and without human error.
  • Automation Across Public and Private Clouds: Automates and simplifies deployment and management of secure applications across any combination of hybrid IT services.
  • Seamless Integration with HP CSA solution: Tight integration with HP’s industry leading Cloud Service Automation software, delivers a turn-key solution for simple and quick provisioning of security compliant applications on both public and private clouds.
  • Open and Flexible: Provides the ability to provision on Amazon public cloud today, and will soon expand to include private and public clouds including OpenStack®, VMWare and Microsoft Hyper-V.
  • Compliance Profiles Simplified: Security templates make it simple to deploy compliance profiles across virtual machines in the private enterprise and public cloud.
  • Customized Security Profiles:CISO’s can tailor the profiles to match workload security and compliance requirements. Developers, testers and sysadmins can automatically apply approved profiles to target virtual machines.
  • Cost Effective Auditing: Audit-ready reporting reduces the cost of security compliance. System/Cloud administrators can now focus on security exceptions, reducing human error and increasing compliance.

Russ Schafer, SVP Marketing, Cloud Raxak


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