Visa, Cloud Raxak, HPE, Intel Showcase Hardware Assured Security Compliance on OpenStack Private Clouds

open-stack-summit-eventVisa, Cloud Raxak, Hewlett Packard Enterprise and Intel
Showcase Hardware Assured Security Compliance
at the
 Open Stack Summit

Austin, Texas, April 25-29

Join Visa®, Cloud Raxak™, Hewlett Packard Enterprise®, and Intel® for a presentation and panel discussion on Hardware Assured Security Compliance™ at the OpenStack Summit in Austin on April 26. The session will discuss the challenges faced by the financial services industry in moving workloads to the cloud, and how to leverage Hardware Assured Security Compliance™ to achieve continuous compliance with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI-DSS).

Challenges of Moving Financial Workloads to the Cloud

Surveys of Chief Information Security Officers (CISOs) confirm that security is still the biggest barrier to cloud adoption, with compliance and data protection as two of their top concerns.  Financial service businesses often have to enforce located-based security policies based on data sovereignty requirements. Due to regulatory requirements, certain virtual workloads can only be run in a specific geographic location.

VISA Case Study for Payment Card Industry Cloud Workloads and Compliance

Visa faces some of these same challenges in the payment card industry.  The Visa Case Study outlines the cloud requirements of the financial services and payment card industry, and how cloud security compliance issues can be solved using Hardware Assured Security Compliance on OpenStack Private Clouds.    

Continuous Compliance & Location-Based Security in OpenStack Clouds

In the summit session, Visa, HPE, Intel and Cloud Raxak will show how Hardware Assured Cloud Security Compliance on an HPE Helion OpenStack Private Cloud, enables enterprises to enforce location-based-security policies and maintain continuous compliance with the requirements of  Payment Card Industry-Data Security Standard (PCI-DSS). The panel discussion will include:

  • Visa financial industry perspective on Advancing Trust in the Cloud  
  • Hewlett Packard Helion Hardware Assured IaaS
  • Intel® Cloud Integrity Technology (CIT)
  • Raxak Protect Continuous Hardware Assured Security Compliance
  • Demo of Automated Security Compliance with PCI-DSS  

To Learn more about HPE, Intel, and Cloud Raxak Hardware Assured Security Compliance and how to attend the session at the OpenStack Summit.


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