• Reduce costs by 40% with automated security.
  • Secure sensitive, finance, health and retail data.


  • Integrate security compliance into DevOps.
  • Apply security throughout app lifecycle.

Cloud Startups

  • Public clouds require you to handle security.
  • Secure data through automated compliance.

Welcome to Cloud Raxak.
With more than 50 years of security and enterprise experience, Cloud Raxak is dedicated to making your enterprise cloud assets secure.

A Few of Our Corporate Partners:


Important Features


One Touch Security

One-Touch Security compliance across clouds through the IT Service catalog

Leading Edge Security

Apply security profiles based on Defense Information System Agency Guidelines or STIGs.

Agentless Security

Agentless systems reduce resource usage and prevent malware from disabling security features.

Scalable and Flexible

Highly Scalable SaaS Architecture. Deploy as SaaS or on-prem Appliance.


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