Product Overview

Raxak Protect is a SaaS-based security offering that empowers IT and application development teams by automating security, and ensuring compliance across private and public clouds. By integrating security compliance directly into the cloud application development, test, and operational processes, Raxak Protect accelerates deployment, reduces costs, and simplifies auditing.

Complete Application Lifecycle Security Compliance
  • Automates application of the correct security profile when the application assets are created.
  • Monitors that app from creation through the complete lifecycle.
  • Automates remediation of 95% of security errors.
  • Logs all error and remediation activity and creates audit ready security reports.
One-touch Security Compliance
  • The HP CSA and Raxak Protect integration provides the industry’s first service management capability with security postures integrated in a service catalog.
Consistent Security for Private and Public clouds
  • Raxak Protect enables enterprises to develop once and deploy anywhere. The security profile that is attached to the assets at the start of development applies throughout the application lifecycle.
Scalable and Flexible API-based Architecture
  • High performance and scalable architecture
  • Reliability through multi-tenancy, isolation and redundancy
  • Flexible deployment as SaaS or on-prem Appliance
Agentless Security Compliance
  • Compliance scans originate from Cloud Raxak servers so malware cannot disable security features, and resource impact is minimal.
Standardized and Custom Security Profiles
  • Provides industry standard profiles based on NIST and DISA STIGS.
  • Custom security profiles tailored to each company’s unique security requirements.


Raxak Protect Engine
  • Agentless
  • API driven
  • Highly scalable
  • Standard, out of the box, security compliance profiles based on NIST, DISA STIGs
  • Currently supports Windows 2008R2 and up, Red Hat and CentOS versions 6.5 and up, Debian, AMI-Linux, and Hewlett Packard Enterprise HLinux.
Raxak Protect Service Management Suite
  • Suite of products that integrates Raxak Protect Engine with leading service management and development tools.
  • Enables customers to manage and protect on-prem and off-prem IT with identical risk management profiles as part of the existing service management process.
  • Integrated with VMware vRealize and Hewlett Packard Enterprise Service Management.

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