IBM Cloud and Cloud Raxak at the Intel Developer Forum

At the 2016 Intel Developer Forum event in San Francisco, IBM and Cloud Raxak, a Gartner Cool Vendor in IT Automation, showcased how developers in regulated industries like financial services (FFIEC), healthcare (HIPAA), retail (PCI-DSS), and the federal government (FISMA), can leverage the flexibility of the cloud while maintaining security compliance.

Seamless Integration of Automated Security Compliance into DevOps

Today, developers building cloud apps for regulated industries have a choice–either ignore security compliance and risk a security breach, or use manual security compliance which consumes over 40% of cloud management costs.  Raxak Protect™ and the IBM Cloud solve this dilemma through seamlessly integrated security compliance into DevOps.  Raxak Protect™ is an agent-less cloud server workload protection platform that delivers full life-cycle security compliance for Windows and Linux workloads running on VMware, OpenStack and Containers. The seamless integration of security compliance into development accelerates cloud app deployment, reduces costs, and simplifies auditing.

IBM Cloud and Raxak Protect Hardware Assured Security Compliance

When combining the IBM® Cloud with Raxak Protect and Intel® Cloud Integrity Technology, enterprises can automate Hardware Assured Security Compliance™ for VMs and Containers across all IT infrastructures from bare metal to the public cloud.  Hardware Assured Security Compliance provides a continuous chain of trust from the BIOS to the cloud app, enabling the secure configuration of the Host OS, hypervisor layer, and the guest VMs and Containers.  This also enables continuous security compliance throughout the lifecycle of the assets from boot-time to end of life.

To learn more about how Hardware Assured Security Compliance provides a continuous chain of trust, view our guide on IBM SoftLayer Assured Security Compliance.

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