Securing the IBM Cloud on VMware

At VMworld in Las Vegas August 28th-Sept 1st, IBM and Cloud Raxak met with businesses to discuss how to seamlessly and cost-effectively manage the security compliance of VMware workloads on-premise and in the IBM Cloud.  With Raxak Protect, enterprises can now quickly and securely move to the cloud to re-engineer their business processes and reduce security compliance costs 40-60%.  Cloud Raxak demonstrated how to eliminate non-IT user risk by integrating security compliance into the VMware vRealize IT service catalog.  A line of business user with no security experience can now provision a VM (on the IBM cloud or on-prem) with a CISO (Chief Information Security Officer) defined security profile (eg.PCI-DSS).  The unique combination of the IBM Cloud, Cloud Raxak, and VMware provides a seamless and cost-effective way to leverage the cloud, manage risk, and maintain continuous security compliance.

Managing Security Risk and Automating Regulatory Compliance on the IBM Cloud

Successful transition from traditional IT to cloud computing requires three key ingredients: an IT architecture that allows companies to extend their internal best practices to the cloud, a cost point that allows economies of scale, and automated processes that manage risk exposure and maintain regulatory compliance with industry regulations (FFIEC, PCI-DSS, HIPAA, FISMA).

When combining the IBM® Cloud, VMware, and Raxak Protect, enterprises can:1 catalog

  • move regulated workloads to the cloud and maintain continuous compliance
  • deliver consistent security compliance across on-premise bare metal, private and public clouds
  • reduce cloud security compliance costs by 40%-60%
  • decrease security risk by removing vulnerabilities
  • provide evidence of regulatory compliance to auditors
  • accelerate app development by integrating compliance into DevOps

IBM, Forrester, Cloud Raxak Webinar

To learn more about how intelligent automation enables enterprises to move securely to VMware on the IBM Cloud, view our September 14th IBM, Forrester, and Cloud Raxak webinar.  Forrester discussed cloud and security trends, and why automation is key to leveraging the cloud, reducing the cost and complexity of security compliance, and decreasing security risk.

View the webinar to gain valuable cloud, security, and regulatory compliance insights from IBM, Forrester, and Cloud Raxak!

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