IBM, Cloud Raxak and Intel developed an industry first solution to provide assured security compliance across the IBM hybrid cloud using a hardware basis of trust.  Raxak Protect security compliance platform leverages the IBM Cloud and Intel Cloud Integrity Technology to automatically secure IBM Cloud Public and Private Private servers from boot-time through run-time.

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Key benefits

Defense Industry Level Protection Knowing that your cloud assets (VMs, Bare Metal Machines) are configured correctly according to Defense Information System Agency (DISA) recommendations from inception through EOL brings peace of mind.

Security Based on Industry Regulatory Standards Raxak Protect meets cloud security requirements for regulated industries including retail (PCI), healthcare (HIPAA), finance (FFIEC), and federal (FISMA).

Scalable SaaS with Flexible API-driven Architecture Raxak Protect uses an agent-less, API driven security compliance architecture that scales with modern cloud workloads. Raxak Protect is a SaaS based service, that can be deployed on-premise as a security appliance with support for both virtual and bare-metal resources.

Automated Compliance and Remediation Raxak Protect automates the monitoring of application workloads on public and private clouds, while providing the capability to auto-remediate errors and produce audit-ready reports. Raxak Protect is delivered as a self-service SaaS tool, on-premise appliance or full managed service.

One-touch Compliance Across Clouds Cloud Raxak delivers one-touch cloud security compliance across clouds through the IT service catalog. The IT service catalog integration makes it easy for novice and expert users, to minimize security risk by developing cloud applications with built-in security compliance.

DevOps integration provides full-life app cycle protection Raxak Protect™ integration into DevOps accelerates app deployment, reduces costs, simplifies auditing, and protects apps throughout their complete lifecycle. By integrating security compliance directly into the development, test, and operational processes, cloud apps will be automatically protected from creation through their full app life-cycle.


Free Edition
  • Try before you buy.
Unlimited Monthly
Cost:$1,000.00 Per month/user
  • Great for fixed budgets
  • Single user, up to 10 machines
  • Unlimited scans and remediation

IBM Sales Team Resources

Shameless Plug Interview

Interview of Prasanna Mulgaonkar, the CEO and founder of Cloud Raxak by Alex Josephs and Dan de Grazia from Shameless Plug.

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