HP and Cloud Raxak Showcase Automated Security at Velocity, May 27-29, Santa Clara

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HP and Cloud Raxak offering a 6-month free trial
for Developers at Velocity 2015 

Cloud Raxak Provides Developers Enterprise Grade Security Compliance  

Cloud Raxak solves the challenge of enterprise security compliance by seamlessly integrating automation into DevOps. Today, developers have a choice–either ignore security and miss out on the enterprise, or use manual processes for securing cloud assets that consume over 40% of the overall management costs.
Cloud Raxak Protect™ breaks this dilemma.

Stop by the HP booth at Velocity to start protecting your cloud apps
with a 6-month free trial of the HP CSA and Cloud Raxak Protect.  
Request your personal demo through [email protected].

Cloud Raxak Protect™ Automates Cloud Security Compliance for Developers

Cloud Raxak Protect™ is a SaaS-based security offering that empowers developers to automate security and ensure compliance across their private and public clouds.  Developers, testers and sysadmins can secure their cloud VMs automatically using standard NIST DISA based profiles.  Starting with provisioning and continuing through the application lifecycle, Cloud Raxak Protect™ enables cloud apps to be deployed securely, quickly, cost-effectively and without human error.

HP and Cloud Raxak Offer Developers Turn-Key Cloud Security Compliance

In a partnership with HP, Cloud Raxak Protect™ leverages HP’s industry leading Cloud Service Automation (CSA) solution, which provides open, extensible enterprise-grade hybrid cloud service management for businesses.

Cloud Raxak Protect Automated Security integration with HP Cloud Service Automation.

Cloud Raxak Protect Automated Security integration with HP Cloud Service Automation.

“The HP CSA integration with Cloud Raxak Protect, automates security compliance for developers looking to use the hybrid cloud.”
Atul Garg, HP Vice President and GM,
Cloud and Automation.

The tight integration with HP CSA provides developers a turn-key solution for simple and quick provisioning of security compliant applications on both public and private clouds. Cloud Raxak Protect™ speeds application time to market, reduces managements costs and simplifies audit activities.


For the latest info, visit  www.cloudraxak.com,  follow us on Twitter at @cloud_raxak or check us out on Linkedin.

Sesh Murthy, SVP of Sales and Customer Care


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