Moving to the Cloud Securely with Intelligent Automation

Only a handful of companies have successfully leveraged the cloud to transform their businesses by making their processes more flexible and agile while also reducing their IT costs. Forrester's research shows that leveraging the cloud is difficult because of the cost and complexity security compliance. Regulated industries like financial services (FFIEC), retail (PCI-DSS), and healthcare (HIPAA) have to show their auditors that they are compliant with government and industry standards. Forrester's recommendation is that automation is the only way to cost effectively deliver consistent security compliance on-premise and in the cloud. Otherwise, security compliance costs will significantly reduce the cost benefits of using the cloud.

In this webinar, learn how IBM and Cloud Raxak use automated security compliance to enable enterprises to:

  • Move regulated workloads to the IBM cloud while maintaining continuous security compliance with industry regulations eg PCI-DSS, HIPAA
  • Reduce cloud security compliance costs by 40%-60%
  • Decrease security risk by removing vulnerabilities
  • Provide evidence of regulatory compliance to auditors
  • Accelerate app development by integrating compliance into DevOps


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